Irish Times - Album Review 21st October 2000

No longer the skeletal goth waif of yore, Polly Harvey seems to have sorted out a few demons since her last album, Is This Love? Luckily, she's got plenty more demons on standby, and she charges at them full-on in Big Exit, Good Fortune and Kamikaze. With some tracks recorded in the rural setting of Dorset, and others in the bustle of New York city, Stories.... balances the angry punk energy of Dry with edgy reflectiveness of Is This Love? and comes up with some fine songs in the process. Harvey is still unashamedly in thrall to the trashy rock'n'roll of Patti Smith and she's also avowed acolyte of religious imagery, but a more down-to-earth Harvey emerges A Place Called Home, Beautiful Feeling and We Float. Thom Yorke duets with Polly on This Mess We're In, he sounds lost, she sounds decisive.

Kevin Courtney