New York Magazine
P J Harvey Interview - December 18 - 25, 2000.

NEW YORK AWARDS 2000 PJ HARVEY At SUMMERSTAGE in Central Park, one singer was transported by another I saw Marianne Faithful play at SummerStage in Central Park in July '99. I was sitting very near the front, and I was absolutely bowled over by her ability to have the crowd in the palm of her hand - in a loving way. Marianne Faithful is probably one of the most charismatic, graceful woman I've ever seen in my life and effortlessly so. She wasn't trying to be anything else other than who she was. People were standing on their seats and screaming between numbers; completely enraptured. It was infectious.

On occasion in your life - quite often, if you're lucky - you get these beautiful moments where suddenly everything makes sense to you. For me, as a musician, a lot of that does come from hearing great music. Everything came together, and I knew exactly why I'm here and what I'm doing. I didn't meet her afterward, I could have, but I was actually too awestruck by the while thing - I didn't know what I could possibly say.

PJ Harvey