Profile: PJ-Harvey: Love can be Painful

"People have described 'To Bring You My Love' as my accessible album, but I never set out to make an accessible album. I don't know if it is that accessible either. But I do agree that the songs are of a different nature than on previous albums because I broadened my horizon quite a bit, both as a person and as a songwriter. Things aren't as narrow and tunnel visioned anymore as they used to be. That comes across in the music. Instead of repelling people, I welcome them a bit more. The reason is that I'm getting older, I think. I can see things in perspective a bit more nowadays. Of course it still is no happy go lucky stuff all the time. I see 'To Bring You My Love' as a collection of lovesongs. Love can be quite joyous, but love can be painful as well."

PJ Harvey