June 15, 1995
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love

Sometimes it's difficult to tell exactly just where Polly Jean is coming fromand how seriously she takes herself. But I guess trying to figure her out isall part of the fun of listening to her. What's certain is that To Bring YouMy Love is a severe, intense and often hypnotic set of songs. The vocals,production and instrumental performances all stretch their emotional stringsas tight as possible. Producers Harvey, Flood and John Parish create a fullyet deconstructed sound that seems a little more experimental than it reallyis. "Meet Ze Monsta" and "Long Snake Moan" are corrosive rockers while"Working For The Man," "Down by the Water" and "I Think I'm a Mother" are morecreepy and subtle meditations on simple grooves. Harvey really milks the drama out of To Bring You My Love's dirge of a titletrack. She also lets her pipes dig deep into "C'Mon Billy" and "Send His Loveto Me," practically forcing you to believe her lyrical stories. My advice,more as psychological adviser than a music critic, would be to not get toowrapped up in these songs. Enjoy them for what they are, but don't expect tolive them out without running up a steep bill on your therapist's couch.

Glenn Ricci