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NEWS 2007


Well...we can confirm that there will be a new album from Polly this fact September 24th is the actual date. We can also confirm that the album, produced by Polly, Flood & John Parish, will be titled White Chalk and features musical contributions from long time associate, Eric Drew Feldman, and also Jim White of the Dirty Three.

Polly is expected to preview some of the news songs, at her upcoming sold-out show, this coming Saturday in Manchester. We're expected more news over the coming weeks, so check back regularly.

posted: 02.07.2007

The Sound of St Andrews
posted: 29.09.2015
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PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy's The Hollow of the Hand receives its World Premiere.
posted: 22.07.2015
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The Hollow of the Hand cover art revealed
posted: 10.06.2015
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