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NEWS 2001

P J Harvey To Perform On Later With Jools Holland This Friday.

Tune in to Later this Friday, October 12th, to see P J Harvey perform three songs on Later With Jools Holland. The show goes out on BBC2 at 11.30pm. Harvey and her band make a return appearance to the show to perform Big Exit, This Is Love and the new song, Will's Song, never performed on TV before. The lyrics to the song were written for Polly by Will Oldham and the music by the band whilst on tour.

posted: 09.10.2001

Electra stage transfer on Radio 3
posted: 07.03.2015
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Recording in Progress Silent Auction and Memorabilia
posted: 19.02.2015
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PJ Harvey announces additional sessions to 'Recording in Progress.
posted: 19.01.2015
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