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NEWS 2014

The full running order for PJ Harvey's Today programme, airing tomorrow January 2nd from 6am

The full running order for PJ Harvey's Today programme, airing tomorrow January 2nd from 6am to 9am GMT on BBC Radio 4 is as follows:

PJ Harvey spoken piece explaining her choice of contributors to the programme.

Mark Curtis: 'Arming Repression', followed by 'Ladies of the World' song recording by Flight of the Conchords.

Denis Halliday: 'The U.N. Security Council - Dump The Wolves'.

Clive Stafford Smith: 'Is the N.H.S. the best thing about Britain?'

Bruce Springsteen '57 Channels And Nothin' On'.

John Pilger: 'Is the media now just another word for control?'

Dr. Rowan Williams: 'Thought for the Day' in the form of one of his poems.

Charles Simic poem, 'Austerities' read by Ralph Fiennes.

Giles Duley: 'Behind The Faces Of War: the realities for injured servicemen', followed by Joan Baez, 'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya'.

Phil Shiner and Ian Cobain: 'How Britain taught the world to torture', followed by 'They Fight For Peace', a poem by Shaker Aamer, read by Ralph Fiennes.

Julian Assange's 'Thought for the Day' followed by Woody Guthrie song lyric 'Ticky Tock' read by Ralph Fiennes.

Weather/Business/Sport Sections

Weather Section - Tom Waits 'Strange Weather' acoustic demo version.

Business Section - John Rees: 'How the city of London rules the world', followed by the poem 'London' by William Blake, read by Ralph Fiennes.

Sport Section - Dave Zirin: 'The effects of money and vested interests on sport'.

posted: 01.01.2014

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