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Dear Darkness,
dear Darkness,
Wont you cover me again?

Dear Darkness,
Ive been your friend for many years...

Wont you do this for me
dearest Darkness?
Cover me from the sound
of the words tightening,
around my throat, and

around the throat of the one I love...
the tightening, tightening, tightening.

Dear Darkness,
now its your turn to look after us,

because we kept you clothed
and we kept you in business
when everyone else was having good luck.

So now its your time to pay.
To pay me and the one I love.
With the worldly goods you stashed away.
With all the things you took from us.

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posted: 07.03.2015
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posted: 19.02.2015
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posted: 19.01.2015
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