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Did you see her walking?
Did she come around here sir?
Black hair, brown eyes
my beautiful Leah.
She was always so needy
said, "I have no-one".
Even as I held her
she went out looking for someone.

She only had nightmares,
and her sadness never lifted
and slowly over the years
her lovely face twisted.
Did she come around here sir?
I swear you would remember
black hair, brown eyes
late September


It never leaves my mind
the last words she said,
"If I don't find it this time,
then I'm better off dead".

Royal Albert Hall, October 2011. Stream now in HD
posted: 10.07.2014
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BBC Radio 4's Today programme - PJ Harvey's opening statement
posted: 02.01.2014
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The full running order for PJ Harvey's Today programme, airing tomorrow January 2nd from 6am
posted: 01.01.2014
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