PJ Harvey
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How could that happen?
How could that happen again?
Where the fuck was I looking
When all his horses came in?
And he built a whole army
Of kamikaze

10,000 willing
Pilots flying
Space and beyond
Built an army
To come and find me

Beyond all reason
Beyond all my hopes
The call of duty
Another war zone
(Makes me moan)

Kamikaze - you can't touch me, kamikaze

Eight miles high
He walks his path
And I follow mine
One tooth for one eye
He's come to find me

10,000 willing
Pilots flying
Space and beyond
Here is his army
Interspace here we come

Kamikaze-you don't touch me
Space here we come

PJ Harvey to perform at Field Day London in 2016
posted: 26.11.2015
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The Sound of St Andrews
posted: 29.09.2015
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PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy's The Hollow of the Hand receives its World Premiere.
posted: 22.07.2015
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