PJ Harvey
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Oh dear sweet mama
I'm not feeling well
Can I step out
For a little while?
But I go missing
I steal away
And I go kissing
In the alleyway
                                 All I want to do
                                 And all I want to grow up to be
                                 Is all caught up with you
                                 Look what you're doing to me

Oh dearest young man
Teach me sweetheart
How to love you
I'm a clever girl
You've got me lying
You've got me leaving home
You've got me crying
When I'm alone

When I'm not with you my dreams are so very dark
When I'm not with you I dream of my hair falling out
When I'm not with you I walk dark tunnels of my heart
When I'm not with you everything comes apart

When I was younger
I spent my days
Wondering to whom
I was supposed to pray...

It's you...

Written by P J Harvey
© Hot Head Music Ltd./Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

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