PJ Harvey
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The West’s asleep. Let England shake,

weighted down with silent dead.

I fear our blood won’t rise again.


England’s dancing days are done.

Another day, Bobby, for you to come home

& tell me indifference now.


Smile, smile Bobby, with your lovely mouth.

Pack up your troubles, let’s head out

to the fountain of death

& splash about, swim back & forth

& laugh out loud,


until the day is ending,

& the birds are silent in the branches,

& the insects are courting in the bushes,

& by the shores of lovely lakes

heavy stones are falling.

PJ Harvey to perform at Roskilde Festival in 2016
posted: 08.12.2015
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PJ Harvey to perform at Field Day London in 2016
posted: 26.11.2015
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The Sound of St Andrews
posted: 29.09.2015
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