Date: 1992

Formats: (2 LP)/CD on Too Pure [with Demonstration LTD LP] (PURE CD010, UK)

Songs: Oh My Lover (demo 2:30) / O Stella (demo 3:16) / Dress (demo 3:17) / Victory (demo 4:20) / Happy and Bleeding (demo 4:45) / Sheela-Na-Gig (demo 3:15) / Hair (demo 3:37) / Joe (demo 3:17) / Plants and Rags (demo 3:33) / Fountain (demo 3:05) / Water (demo 4:32)

Notes: Limited release, only 2000 pressed on CD and 5000 on LP. Vinyl format included 2 albums, Dry and Demonstration. Demonstration included demos from Dry. CD format included Dry and Demonstration on one CD. There is a print error on the initial press CDs - it says that it is also a free demo version, but is in fact the standard album. There is also a pirate cd out: Jungle Queen. Someone on the mailing list found a vinyl copy and posted that there were additional players:

Mike Paine
(additional guitar on Fountain and Water)
Lisa Comer
(vocals on Oh My Lover)
Tom Rickman
(cello on Dress)
Stephen Allen
(vocals on Victory.)
Water was mixed by a Mike Paine.



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