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Date: January 11th, 1999

Formats: 2 CDs & 7" Vinyl: (CID 730/572 505-2), (CIDX 730 572 507-2) & IS 730/572 504-7

Songs: CD1: The Wind/Nina In Ecstasy/The Faster I Breathe The Further I Go (4-Track) CD2: The Wind/Rebecca/Instrumental #2 7": The Wind/Rebecca/Nina In Ecstasy 2.

Notes: Taken from the album, 'Is This Desire?'. CD1 sold in a sleeve into which CD2 fits to complete the package.

Recording in Progress Silent Auction and Memorabilia
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PJ Harvey announces additional sessions to 'Recording in Progress.
posted: 19.01.2015
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PJ Harvey to record her ninth studio album as an exhibition at Somerset House
posted: 02.01.2015
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